The Game Changer

The Game Changer

Featured on the BBC’s television programme “The Speaker” warm, enigmatic Kymberlie Andrew is an impressive Master Trainer and Communication Coach. She has an exceptional track record in consistently impacting people and industry across four continents teaching people how to lead, present, articulate and pitch effectively.

She says: “My clients call me “The Game Changer” because I work organically to cultivate your originality, without authenticity you have nothing. I’m delighted with this project that I’ve been able to collaborate with the Creative Skillset, connect and engage with some of the experts in the film industry and with all of them create an outstanding course.”

With bases in London and New York, Kymberlie Andrew began her journey as an award-winning BBC journalist and now works with among others: heads of state, leaders of industry, diplomats, charities and young people.

Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund is funded by the British Film Institute (BFI) with National Lottery funds and through the Skills Investment Funds, which comprise industry and Government co-investment.

The Film Skills Fund is part of the Film Skills Strategy, which addresses the vital skills and training needs of the film industry to deliver maximum economic and cultural return: to create jobs, strengthen skills, build skills for the future, and ensure world-class film education.

This fund supports the BFI Film Forever strategic priority “Supporting the future success of British film”. The fund aims to not only help UK film companies build scale, international ambition and reach, and become more sustainable, but to encourage UK leadership in film.