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Cultivating diversity for UK Film

It is quite simple. Diversity works. Our aim is to prepare women and people of colour to an impeccable standard so they can secure the positions they deserve. It is easy to point out the wrongs of society and then apportion blame. That isn’t our style. We are part of the solution. If you are too, join us.

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Our Courses


A two day weekend of immersion at an eco wellbeing escape in London looking at the different facets of production, directing and screenwriting in the film industry and how to navigate them more effectively. A course that prepares you to raise your game and it won’t cost you a penny.

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About Us

The Masterclass is an innovating experience brought to you by outstanding Communication Specialist Kymberlie Andrew in partnership with the Creative Skillset. We saw a need and decided to meet it. We have devised the course with industry and importantly to us, you in mind. We recognise the value of your ideas, creativity and innovation and will help you to deliver and share them better.

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If you are a woman or person of colour who has decided it is now your time, we would be delighted to support you on your journey. We aren’t sold on the “better version of you” school of thought. We believe you are fine just as you are – an original – but do know how to take you to the next level. So sign up now so we can change your life. It’s ok you’re welcome.

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